Bedeschi’s new delivery

Published on July 23, 2015

The coal & iron ore industry is going through tough times and alongwith it the shipping market is also not in a very pleasant situation. While many companies may think of this time as trying other do consider this time as an opportunity to develop and be ready to take lead as and when the market improves. Rocktree has demonstrated just that by way of taking delivery a new transshipper Apollo.
The newest transhipper is Apollo, which has been delivered to Rocktree and which will commence coal transshipment operations in Indonesia. Apollo has a daily load rate of 40,000 tons from barges to ocean going vessels. It also has latest technology for blending various grades of coal into a homogeneous blend and also automatic sampling of coal. The hoppers, feeders belts, conveyors and the shiploader are supplied by Bedeschi. The cranes have been supplied by Liebherr and the engineering has been carried out by Logmarin.
BLL is therefore a strategic business alliance profiting from synergies, individual strengths and networks of these reputable multinational and multi-disciplined companies.
Bedeschi, Liebherr and Logmarin all share a common target – to develop together with their clients the most efficient and sustainable maritime dry bulk logistics chain, filling the gap between commodity suppliers and industrial end users.

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