To us, Sustainability means more than Green

In 1992, the UN introduced the concept of sustainability, defined as ‘Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs’. Environmental safeguard is our mission and the prevention of pollution remains for us an important objective, especially when handling bulk materials.
In order to reduce to the minimum any type of emission and dust spillage, our priority is the use of eco-friendly bulk handling equipment.

About Green sustainability


  • The prevention of pollution is our primary objective throughout the supply chain and the first step to achieve this could be the use eco-friendly equipment.
    Bedeschi, thanks to its research and development in green technology, is able to design and produce machines to reach the highest environmental standards.

  • The use of completely closed belt conveyors to avoid spillage of material. Chutes designed to facilitate the material to flow in a closed channel and fall at a low steady speed, avoiding product’s degradation and dust production at the impact with the pile.

  • The application of systems to control dust production as controlled flow spouts, filters and dry fog that use microdrops of nebulized water to keep the surrounding environment clean. Special application, as Eco-hoppers, that combined the design, dust suppression and suction system and cascade chute to facilitate dusty material handling through grabs. Use of eco-friendly oil and grease and system for energy recovery.

  • Our R&D department is constantly working to improve the capability of our systems to minimize the environmental impact, even with particular studies on the noise reduction by project and by insulation and light pollution.