Published on March 21, 2017

Integrated cement plant has been founded in Adana Yumurtalık TAYSEP Free Zone under the mark of ‘Sönmez Çimento’ in accordance with decision taken by Sönmez Holding, Kutlucan Holding and Türkün Holding.
Sönmez Çimento is the first cement plant which is allowed to be founded within the free zones in Turkey
Thanks to the plant’s closeness to the harbor, it is provided that vessels are loaded very fast.
In April 2016 Bedeschi, awarded by Sönmez Cimento, a contract to realize a clinker and cement export terminal.
The integrated cement plant is being founded in Adana Yumurtalık TAYSEP Free Zone (Turkey), on an advantageous area because of its closeness to land and sea transportation and raw material sources. The shiploader, slewing, luffing and travelling type, equipped with a telescopic chute, will be installed in this cement plant’s port terminal.
The slewing shiploader will perform efficient loading under heavy duty conditions for vessel up to 55.000 DW, beam 32.2.
The nominal loading capacity of the machine is of 1.000 TPH with peak flow rate of 1.100 TPH.
The equipment is fully in conformity with Current Environmental Legislation with high technology de-dusting systems such as filters, installed on board to reduce the dust pollution caused by material flow between subsequent belt conveyors. The plant protects its environmentalist features with using alternative fuels and renewable energy sources.
Moreover, the belt conveyor installed on the shiploader was particularly designed, in order to reduce as much as possible the belt speed, the belt inclination and type.
All these improvements and others have been applied in order to avoid any kind of spillage of conveyed material (clinker and cement) and to reduce dust generation at each belt conveyor transfer point.”
To this end, Bedeschi, thanks to its research and development in green technology, is able to design and produce eco-friendly bulk handling equipment, which incorporate sophisticated dust control measures, able to reach the highest environmental standards and emissions reduction.

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